Asta Powerproject BIM

An optional BIM module for Asta Powerproject

For affordable 4D planning, combine your scheduling tool and 3D models in one application with Asta Powerproject BIM. This is ideal for tendering and progress monitoring in 3D.

4D planning for planners

Asta Powerproject BIM is an integrated module for Asta Powerproject which enables you to easily link the tasks in your project plan with 3D model components for 4D planning in one application. It is ideal for tendering and progress monitoring.

Why choose Asta Powerproject BIM?

By combining 3D models with scheduling tools in one application, Asta Powerproject BIM enables you to:
> Easily create your project plan from your IFC file
> Drag and drop objects between the 3D view and Gantt chart
> Compare ‘planned’ and ‘actual’ schedule plans with full 3D visual impact
> Split 3D elements to allow linking to separate sub-tasks and reflect the reality of construction
> Create and play a timeline of your project linked to milestones and baselines to simulate subsections or whole projects

See what’s new in Asta Powerproject BIM – Click here to view the Videos
Federate IFC models by overlaying multiple IFC files within the 3D Viewer
Display an alternative 3D view using the IFC Comparison Model pane, for baseline or progress analysis
Split objects with enhanced options such as at intersections
Create fly pasts for use in timeline situations and export this to video

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