Nomitech is a leading software company developing and specializing cost estimating solutions. With a dedicated team of engineers involving with real life industry experience to develop platform tools that is easy to use, practical, innovative with state of the art cost estimating software which is rapidly becoming the future standard for estimating with BIM IFC model.

Nomitech CostOS Estimating is a powerful and fully functional estimating tool developed to comply with the up-to-date needs of estimating to suit any industrial sectors such like building constructions, Oil and Gas, Energy, ship building, and aerospace. It is designed to cover all types or classes of estimates from high level conceptual to detailed level of estimates which makes the tool beneficial for concept screening, feasibility study, budget planning, cost control and forecast, Bid/Tender and more.

Seamless functionality

Intuitive development of assemblies and cost models provide the user with a real power to produce and complete parts of the estimate quickly. A unique engine which is specifically designed for the estimators for developing dynamic assemblies using application such like Microsoft Excel knowledge and to produce sophisticated models that can automate the complete production of the BOQ table which can be used by the estimators for pre-design optimization and for delivering value engineering.

Nomitech CostOS combines powerful databases with excel functionality which allows users to easily collect and store historical data on their database or use external online databases such like the SPON’s, RSMeans, etc

Truly integrated system

CostOS has full functionality to integrated with Microsoft Excel, Oracle Primavera P6, 2D takeoff functionality for AutoCAD drawing, PDF format, Raster images, GIS systems, 3D BIM IFC model

which makes the tool completely functional.

Embedded BIM technology


CostOS has an embedded BIM engine allowing estimators or engineers to work directly on 3D models which makes possible a visual approach on estimating. When combining BIM with estimating the end product is a 3D model fully resourced and cost loaded, which can be used to identify omissions or to present in a sophisticated way.


CostOS Standalone and CostOS Enterprise Solutions

CostOS Standalone was built for individuals, Quantity Surveyors, Estimators or Consultants that want to differentiate and provide distinguished services to their clients. In addition large organizations can acquire one or two CostOS Standalone licenses in case their estimators have to work in remote areas (e.g.Mining sites or Offshore Platforms) and push back their work or data they collected to the Enterprise Database when back at the office.

CostOS Basic

CostOS Basic is the very basic version of the system used mainly for detailed estimating. Still it can be a starting point for companies or individuals that want to standardise their estimating processes and data. It can be used for testing of the software from large organizations or for data collection before deploying the solution into larger scales.

CostOS with BIM Module

CostOS with BIM module enables the quantity takeoffs on 3D models from various designing systems. Mainly for the building sector, this module massively accelerates estimating.

CostOS with GIS Module

This module enables the quantity takeoffs on maps. It is a really powerful feature for early phase conceptual definition of projects as well as for infrastructure projects, pipelines, highways etc.

CostOS with Assemblies Development Module

Assemblies sit at the core of CostOS and can accelerate the production of estimates as well as used for value engineering options.

CostOS Professional

CostOS Professional includes all the above mentioned modules in the standalone version of CostOS.

CostOS Enterprise extends collaborative estimating which allows multi users to work as a team on the same estimate database concurrently.


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