Maintenance Subscription

Maintenance Subscription minimizes upgrade costs, and delivers the most up-to-date tools and features to support your business.



Maximize value. Minimize hassle.

Boost the value of your software investment with Maintenance Subscription—the most convenient and cost-effective way to access the latest tools, flexible licensing, powerful support, and services in the cloud. The smart choice for the best value Maintenance Subscription is the most cost effective way to maintain and maximize your long-term investment in Autodesk software and related services. Through immediate access to the latest Autodesk software releases, you can increase productivity by utilizing the newest technologies and time-saving features. And with Maintenance Subscription, your software costs are more predictable. Whether you choose a one-year or multi-year contract, your costs are known for the entire term.

Features and Benefits

Included are the following features and benefits:
• Access to the latest software releases so you’re always up-to-date, giving you a competitive edge.
• Flexible licensing rights so you have the tools you need where you need them.
• Autodesk cloud benefits to help you increase mobility, improve collaboration, and optimize designs.
• Technical support for quick resolution of issues so you stay productive.
New perpetual licenses for individual software products will not be offered for purchase after Jan 31, 2016.

Ongoing updates only available with Maintenance Subscription To learn more about the many benefits of working with Maintenance Subscription, contact us today.