PRG Nozzle/PRO

A template driven component analysis tool for piping and pressure vessels using FEA methods.



NozzlePro generates graphical & tubular results for the system on FE method which moves beyond the limitations of WRC107, WRC297 & Zick for efficient design.

NozzlePRO is a component analysis tool for piping and pressure vessels. The tool brings the accuracy of the finite element method to the engineering community for general design and analysis. NozzlePRO technology is a significant improvement over the limitations inherent in WRC 107/297 methods and it enables rapid FEA modeling and analysis of a wide range of piping and pressure vessel components.


These modules were designed to add increased ease-of-use & design for the most common analysis needs. All of the following modules are included with NozzlePRO v8.5 (Feb 2012 edition) as specialized templates.

MatPRO is an exhaustive database of ASME material properties that can be used with PRG and third party software products. MatPRO also includes calculators for high temperature analysis, fatigue allowable comparisons, Fitness for Service evaluations and creep fatigue.

Fitness for Service Analyze local thin areas and crack-like flaws using API 579 methodologies for Level 2 & Level 3 checks.

NH Reporting Overcome limitations to Section VIII, Div. 2 fatigue evaluation and evaluate fatigue/creep interaction.


All of the NozzlePRO ADVANCED MODULES described above are bundled with NozzlePRO and customers who do NOT maintain a software support plan (Service Plan) with PRG will retain the use of those modules but will lose the right to support and software updates. The modules listed below (FE107 & FESIF) are only available to customers that MAINTAIN a current NozzlePRO software support agreement (Service Plan).

FE107 provides stress analysis of nozzle connections on piping and pressure vessels. It replaces WRC107 as a calculation tool that can be applied when WRC107 semi-empirical methods are limited. FE107 can be applied to a wide range of geometries.

FESIF automatically calculates stress intensification factors (SIFs) and flexibility factors for a wide variety of piping intersections not covered by the B31 piping codes.