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When your project is at peak, professional services contract with ImageGrafix helps you to access our professional team for your various project requirements. We depute the qualified resource who can help you on your engineering system administration, project setup, configuration, project panning, primavera administration, technical and functional support requirement.

Our Professionals support clients are from a variety of industries, including: Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), Power, Oil and Gas, Energy & Process (PEP), Technology, Manufacturing, Education, Public sector, and Health Care.

  • We come with more than 25 years of intense and diversified expertise in engineering operational technologies.
  • We closely work with our clients to analyze the demand and implement the changes to upgrade the business enabling technologies to convert into an effective, result-oriented, focused, and efficient advanced digital environment.
  • All our solutions are multifaceted and flexible to adapt any ongoing change and transform any challenge to achieve success in operational processes. We integrate your existing process systems to state-of-the-art business facilities in an up to the minute digital environment.
  • We believe that there is no one size fits all for any particular problem. Thus, we follow a technology-agnostic approach to digitally innovate processes, documents, drawings, and data.
  • Maximizing communication and efficiency in the project with a real-time contemporaneous design.
  • Accelerate projects with user friendly and discipline specific interfaces that are based ontask based modelling.
  • Leverage the datacentric paradigm to apprehend knowledge and expertise of the organization to formulate intelligent rules and regulations.
  • Oracle users through global workshare ensures improvement of productivity through better performance and reduction of administrative overhead.
  • Adherence to a project schedule with completely automated report generation along with ensuring accuracy of automated project deliverables.
  • Configuring and managing the database interference detection service while granting administrative permissions to relevant sites.
  • Managing the administration of projects through the stages of active, complete, and merged with as-built.
  • Project Hand holding services provide flexible technologies with implementation that constitutes the integrated production system equipped to operate on the data collected by the sensors to provide support to the project.
  • Data sharing across different verticals and teams through Smart plant integration facilitates interoperability.

We are able to assist you with:

  • Quick Staff Augmentation
  • Smart 3D Administration
  • Smart Plant Foundation/SDx Administration
  • Smart P&ID Administration
  • Primavera Administrator
  • Primavera Functional Support Resource
  • Primavera Technical Support Resource

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