OpenSpace Capture – Your job site, fully documented

OpenSpace provides next-generation 360° photo documentation software, powerful integrations, and the smartest analytics tools in the industry
OpenSpace offers more complete job site documentation at a lower cost—with passive image capture and automated mapping to project plans.

Capture your site with unmatched speed and simplicity

  • Fully automated and lightning fast
  • Easy and organized
  • Flexible and cross platform

See your site from anywhere, anytime

  • Track and verify from anywhere
  • Share data the way you want
  • Integrations built around your workflows
  • BIM Compare

Understand your site with sophisticated but simple AI Tools

  • Hit 100% faster: Quickly confirm % complete, quantities installed, locations, and areas that are blocked
  • Track durations and productivity
  • Track activities across your entire project
  • See it for yourself in 3D with Dollhouse View

OpenSpace is the only product on the market that eliminates the time-consuming, manual task of uploading, naming, and mapping each photo onto project plans. We even auto-generate PowerPoint reports for you with a one-button click.

Compare As built conditions to BIM

Fly through and compare with your 360 captures, select model elements to turn off/on, hide entire groups/layers of the model tree

Procore/BIM 360 Integration

Field Notes can be used to populate data automatically to RFIs and Observations by a few simple clicks