How To Convert The CADWorx Old Legacy Drawings from 2012 and below to Latest 2016?

Notes: All Legacy Specification needs to upgraded before this stage

Convert Legacy Drawing Settings

Default value: Off

Allowed values: Off, Automatic, Show Options

Enables you to convert legacy drawing components to smart components.

Convert Mode

Sets the software to recognize whether the drawing is a legacy

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How To Get Separate Report For Foundation Loads From PV Elite Software

This is the new feature of PV Elite 2016 by adding an option to separate the foundation load information. Previously, the software only displayed basering and foundation load information on the Vessel Design Summary report. You can now select Foundation Loads on

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ImageGrafix’s Wednesday Webinars – Free Online Technical Trainings – What Is New In PV Elite 2016

Date: January 6, 2016

Time: 09.00 AM(Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain)
10.00 AM (UAE, Oman)
11.30 AM (India)
02.00 PM (Singapore)

Duration: 30 Min     Cost: Free Webinar

PVElite offers a complete solution for vessel and heat exchanger design, analysis, and evaluation. Find out what’s new in the latest

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