HxGN EAM Databridge Pro, powered by Apache NiFi, is a comprehensive solution for seamlessly orchestrating data integration in your enterprise. This powerful tool lets you take control of your data landscape, ensuring data moves effortlessly between HxGN EAM and external systems, suppliers, and IoT devices.

With Databridge Pro, you can perform a wide array of data processing tasks, from data transformation and validation to content-based routing, metadata enrichment, and smooth data migration. Your data flows through the system in real-time, guaranteeing accuracy, timeliness, and completeness. This means immediate insights, proactive decision-making, and enhanced operational efficiency for your organization.


User-Friendly Dataflow Studio: Create custom data pipelines effortlessly.

This intuitive, no-code, graphical interface lets you craft customized data flows between EAM and other enterprise applications with ease. Securely communicate and transfer data across various platforms using over 90 built-in processors.

Centralized Connection Management: Manage connections with ease.

Our centralized Endpoint Catalog acts as your control center for configuring and overseeing connections vital for data integrations. The connections you define here are readily available in DataFlow Studio, streamlining integration flow development. Plus, changes made in EAM are automatically synchronized, reducing errors and ensuring smooth operations.

360° Data Journey Visibility: Track your data’s entire path.

Get an extended and comprehensive view of your data’s entire journey with 360 Transaction View. This feature provides a detailed overview of every step a message takes in its integration journey, giving you valuable insights for debugging and an extended level of visibility.

Real-Time Processing: Instant insights for informed decisions.

Databridge Pro ensures that data is processed in real time as it moves through the pipeline. This not only enhances data accuracy but also provides immediate insights for informed decisions. Real-time processing means your organization operates more efficiently, making proactive actions based on the latest information.