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ImageGrafix As-Built Services. We offer a complete range of As-Built 3D modeling services for structures, equipment, HVAC, piping, electrical and instrumentation. – Creating CAD intelligent, Data Centric “As-Built” 3D models from existing and “As- Built” Legacy documents using Industry standard Plant modeling systems such as Hexagon Smart3D, Hexagon CADWorx. – Creating Intelligent “As-Built” 3D Models from physical plant using 3D Laser scanning Services. – Generate photo-realistic rendered 3D models with walkthrough animation – Creating isometric drawings from existing piping layout drawings.

  • We come with more than 25 years of intense and diversified expertise in engineering operational technologies.
  • We closely work with our clients to analyze the demand and implement the changes to upgrade the business enabling technologies to convert into an effective, result-oriented, focused, and efficient advanced digital environment.
  • All our solutions are multifaceted and flexible to adapt any ongoing change and transform any challenge to achieve success in operational processes. We integrate your existing process systems to state-of-the-art business facilities in an up to the minute digital environment.
  • We believe that there is no one size fits all for any particular problem. Thus, we follow a technology-agnostic approach to digitally innovate processes, documents, drawings, and data.
  • As-Built describes the digital model intended to accurately represent the physical model as it was built (constructed). Objects in the as-built model contain property values (for example, contractor or industry commodity codes) that associate the model objects to physical objects in the model.
  • ImageGrafix As-Built project supports Hexagon Smart 3D Project transformation technology to help meet the challenge to visualize, detect and solve with accuracy and intelligence the essential information of engineering, mechanical, structural, maintenance, and operations those are vital for safe and efficient operations.
  • Smart 3D supports the translation of 3D design data, including laser-scanned point cloud data and design tool data from Smart 3D, PDS, and PDMS to a fit-for-purpose format for operations and maintenance use.
  • Precise and to the point complete as-built solutions that traces critical changes in the plant for a continuous hazard analysis, thus expediting and expanding projects.
  • Integrating As-Built Projects with Smart 3D optimizes the efficiency of digital technology to standardize and improve the data exchange of 3D asset information using a simplified common schema. This enables all tools to communicate in a single schema format.
  • Integration also enables the use of downstream activities such as review, procurement, fabrication, construction, and operations.
  • As-Built project execution is empowered with capabilities in Smart 3D for maintenance purposes. One can extract any part of the digital twin model and manipulate it according to the requirements.
  • The full range of Smart 3D tools and commands for modeling, clash detection, and generation of deliverables are available for making project changes. These capabilities enable changes to an existing facility while ensuring strict change control and providing operations access to current information for running the facility safely and efficiently.

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