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BIM 360 Design

BIM 360 Design enables Revit design collaboration and data management across the lifecycle to improve project outcomes.



Design collaboration software

• Real-time Revit cloud worksharing and design collaboration software
• Securely co-author a Revit model in real-time across one firm or multiple firms
• Improve productivity and efficiency, reduce rework, and accelerate project delivery

The benefits of design collaboration software

Connect design teams to improve project outcomes
• Successful project outcomes depend on consistent communication with the team throughout every project phase. Connect teams and information in a central project location in the cloud to improve productivity, reduce rework, and accelerate project delivery.

Boost productivity
• Real-time Revit worksharing means teams can work on the same model and stop wasting time uploading, syncing, transferring or waiting on large files.

Improve project efficiency
• See how new design information could impact ongoing work to help reduce rework and downstream construction delays.

Accelerate project delivery
• Project information in a single cloud-based platform helps streamline approvals. Stick to project deadlines with trackable coordination activity recorded for all teams.