Enterprise Project Performance Software for Portfolios, Projects, and Contracts.


Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) is a mindset that expands from improving outcomes of individual projects to one that also heavily considers achievement of business objectives for ALL projects within your organization.  Leveraging Enterprise Project Performance software helps project-driven organizations maximize returns and margins in today’s fast-changing construction landscape

The EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance Platform consists of three products with integrated business processes to support portfolio, project, and contract management. Download this brochure for an overview of the benefits and features of EcoSys, and to learn how EcoSys can dramatically improve the performance of your projects

EcoSys Portfolios

EcoSys Portfolios uses real-time data to drive project selection, prioritization, and optimization. By bringing strategic planning and project execution together, Portfolios gives you total visibility into Enterprise Project Performance.

Portfolio Planning

Create, organize, and manage portfolios in alignment with strategic goals and objectives. Identify portfolio strengths and weaknesses.

Capital Budgeting & Planning

Manage the long- and short-term capital investment budgets and plans. Control and manage annual spending throughout the year and avoid unplanned spending. Provide a single version of the truth and ensure all stakeholders collaborate effectively.

Benchmarking & Concept Estimating

Maintain all your projects’ performance records as historical reference, estimating guides, and to help predict future performance. Key quantities from EcoSys Projects help support parametric estimates, efficiently closing the cost management loop and maximizing the value of historical reference data

Portfolio Planning

Create, organize, and manage portfolios in alignment with strategic goals and objectives. Identify portfolio strengths and weaknesses.

Funds Management

Manage and control funds from source definition through project expenditure. Funds are allocated either top-down from EcoSys Portfolios or drawn during project execution via EcoSys Projects.

Resource Planning

Build and manage financial, human, and equipment resource plans to balance supply and demand. Model resources for common projects or facility types, streamlining the planning process and avoiding excessive manual entry or offline spreadsheets.

Pipeline Management

For contractors, identify and review all business opportunities, and even incorporate your current commercial review (“Go/No Go”) process. For owners and agencies, consistently evaluate all investment opportunities to identify the ones that will have maximum business impact.

Project Development

Using standard criteria, score, evaluate and approve the optimal projects to add to your portfolios or bid upon. Leverage standard or tailored stage-gate processes to manage the progression from identification to approval. Provide a single version of the truth by incorporating workflow processes to ensure all stakeholders can collaborate effectively on plans.

Portfolio Optimization & Control

With clear visibility into performance, keep portfolios balanced with business objectives and on track with performance goals. Ensure financial, human, and equipment resources are optimized across your organization.

EcoSys Projects

Deliver consistency, transparency, and efficiency. EcoSys Projects empowers teams to establish and maintain standard processes and procedures, make informed decisions, and improve outcome predictability. Successfully deliver projects every time.

Planning & Scheduling

Create high-level or detailed project plans and charters. Develop milestone and detailed schedules to monitor and track progress. Integrate schedule and cost information to create time-phased baselines and cash flow forecasts.

Detailed Estimating & Budgeting

Develop detailed estimates from historical project data and unit rate libraries. Develop and refine estimates and seamlessly convert to control budgets.

Resource Management

Define resource capacity and capability. Develop resource demand plans and compare availability to capacity managed in EcoSys Portfolios. Optimize resource utilization by comparing multiple scenarios, easily identifying and balancing under- or over- utilization.

Change Management

Identify, capture, and manage project changes. Assess potential cost and schedule impacts while managing reviews and approval with EcoSys workflow management. Utilize the EcoSys standard change management process or use your own. Review and approve changes via the web browser, mobile app, or even from your email.

Risk & Issue Management

Control threats, opportunities, and issues using standard monitoring, analysis, and mitigation techniques. Develop mitigation plans to communicate actions and reduce impact on project budget and contingency.

Performance Management

Leverage standard KPIs to measure and manage project performance or incorporate your own. Apply any progress method to calculate earned value based on industry standards, including EIA 748. Identify performance trends and incorporate into forecasts, then quickly take corrective action.


Accurately predict project outcomes by selecting from standard forecasting methods based on industry best practices. Calculate EAC (Estimate At Complete) and ETC (Estimate To Complete) values based on performance, or override based on specialized knowledge. Automatically calculate and store forecast changes. Easily update time-phased forecasts in accordance with updated budget and schedule forecasts.

Project Administration

Communicate and collaborate with the project team. Create meeting agendas, capture action items, assign responsibility, and use workflow to manage progress and status. Define and manage project close out process including the capture of lessons learned.

EcoSys Contracts

Contract management, coordination, and compliance are key to successfully delivering projects. EcoSys Contracts provides the tools needed to effectively control contract costs and facilitate collaboration between owners, agencies, and contractors, and subcontractors. Maximize returns, build business relationships, improve behaviors, and exceed performance goals with out-of-the-box industry best practices.

Procurement Planning

Create and manage proposals, bids, and contracts. Evaluate clients and vendors to identify and select the right opportunities and teams to deliver projects successfully.

Vendor & Bid Management

Manage vendors, review bids, and award contracts based on pre-defined scoring and ranking techniques. Incorporate existing bid registers to provide continuity, increasing EcoSys adoption.

Contract Budget & Cost Control

Create and manage detailed contract budgets, value of work done, and payments by line item. Monitor progress and completion of tasks from contract award to close out. Calculate forecasts based on performance and potential changes.

Contract Change Management

Review and approve contract changes in accordance with project performance. Associate changes with project cost and schedule overruns while automatically maintaining an audit trail.

Claim Management & Resolution

Identify claims, assess validity, evaluate merit and magnitude, and determine resolution strategy.

Contract Change Management

Review and approve contract changes in accordance with project performance. Associate changes with project cost and schedule overruns while automatically maintaining an audit trail.

Field Progress Management

Along with EcoSys Mobile (optional), capture progress, communicate status, and report issues in the field. Instantly notify and communicate with project teams to assess alternatives and make timely decisions.

Contract Administration

Collaborate and share information with clients, customers, and contractors. Create meeting agendas, capture action items, assign responsibility, and manage progress and status. Use EcoSys Visual Workflows to effectively manage RFIs, submittals, and transmittals.