ImageGrafix Software FZCO - Oracle AutoVue

Oracle’s AutoVue enterprise visualization is an industry leading solution for viewing, reviewing and collaborating on product, asset and engineering documents and information across the global enterprise. With over 10,000 customers worldwide, AutoVue is used by customers in a broad range of industries, including Utilities, Engineering and Construction, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and High Tech.

Oracle’s AutoVue solutions are designed to meet all of an organization’s visualization requirements. They can serve as the window for visualization across all enterprise applications and can even meet the basic viewing needs of individual desktops. By enabling users to view, print, and collaborate on any digital information asset from any system, users can achieve true enterprise visualization and ensure the success of their projects. AutoVue enterprise visualization helps bring products to market faster, enables better business decision-making, and increases revenue and profitability.

Features Overview

  • Delivers a flexible document reveiew platform
  • Provide users with access to Microsoft Office, PDF, and graphic document types without undergoing costly and cumbersome document conversions
  • Capture a reliable audit trail of decisions, proposed changes and approvals with digital annotations and enable better compliance and record keeping practices
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals with built-in digital annotations
  • Drive operational efficiency by enabling effective cross-team communication and collaboration with contractors, suppliers, and customers