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Plan Better with Oracle Primavera Cloud

Oracle Primavera Cloud is the only planning solution that brings together planning experts and project teams. We link upstream portfolio planning and downstream risk mitigation that’s connected to your delivery processes.

For owners managing portfolios, Oracle Primavera Cloud covers the entire project lifecycle, including planning, budgets, resources, scheduling, and program and risk management. Oracle Primavera Cloud helps you make the right decisions to optimize your portfolio and stay aligned with your strategic priorities.

Features Overview

Oracle Primavera Schedule

Powerful Project Scheduling and Planning

Efficiently plan, schedule, and control programs and individual projects. Evaluate scenarios to determine the best project plans and mitigate risk. Optimize resources across project teams and track progress.

Oracle Primavera Lean

Digitize Lean Construction

Boost efficiency, visibility, and control in Lean construction processes. Define, coordinate, and manage tasks with digital planning boards. Monitor performance and integrate with the CPM master schedule.

Powerful Project Portfolio Management

Get a long-term view into project portfolio health and performance. Enhance visibility into project information, including pipeline, budgets, and capital spend needs. Ensure alignment of project portfolios with corporate goals.

Oracle Primavera Risk

Manage Project Risk to Improve Planning, Execution

Capture, assess, monitor, and mitigate project risk to avoid – delays or cost overruns and help ensure successful outcomes. Leverage both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses to drive project success.