Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) allow customers to run a single Oracle Database across multiple servers in order to maximize availability and enable horizontal scalability, while accessing shared storage. User sessions connecting to Oracle RAC instances can failover and safely replay changes during outages, without any changes to end user applications, hiding the impact of the outages from end users.

Enterprises today continue to generate more and more data at an unprecedented pace. Couple that with the need for corporations to rapidly analyze this growing data and identify trends to react quickly to changing market conditions. The complexity of these challenges requires increasing amount of computing power. Oracle RAC is perhaps the only solution providing linear horizontal scalability without application code change. In the latest release, Oracle RAC provides many new features and improvements to existing features, many of which work autonomously below the covers without any need for manual intervention or calibration.

Features Overview

  • Application developers connect to any database instance in the cluster without making any changes to the application reducing downtime.
  • Customers reduce the impact of service disruptions by automatically redirecting connections to surviving instances.
  • Oracle RAC provides end-to-end protection of customer databases by safely replaying transactions during outages without impacting end user experience
  • Offers Multi-platform support
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Rapidly scale all Oracle Database features and functions across multiple instances