ImageGrafix Software FZCO - VM Server for x86

Oracle VM Server for x86 is a zero license cost server virtualization and management solution that makes enterprise applications easier to deploy, manage, and support. Backed by affordable, worldwide enterprise-quality support for both Oracle and non-Oracle environments, Oracle VM reduces operations and support costs while increasing IT efficiency and agility.

Oracle VM Server for x86 is a Xen-based server virtualization technology which supports Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Windows guests, and provide features to manage guests lifecycle operations, allocate and monitor guest resource consumption. The components of Oracle VM are:

Oracle VM Manager – Provides the user interface to manage Oracle VM Servers, virtual machines, and resources.

Oracle VM Server – A self-contained environment that is designed to produce a lightweight, secure server-based platform for running virtual machines.

The Oracle VM Server can perform one or more of the following functions:

  • Server Pool Master – It is the core of the server pool operations. It acts as the contact point for the server pool to Oracle VM Manager, and also as the dispatcher to other Oracle VM Servers in the server pool.
  • Utility Server – Its function focuses on the creation and removal operations of virtual machines, Oracle VM Servers, and server pools.
  • Virtual Machine Server – The primary function of virtual machine server is to run virtual machines.