A pile design solution which is ideal for drilled shafts or caisson type foundations.


Shaft3D is our pile design solution which is ideal for drilled shafts or caisson type foundations. Completing shaft axial capacity analysis, lateral analysis and concrete design, all in one integrated environment, has never been easier.

Whether you are designing caisson foundations for windmills, transmission lines, utility lines or any other structure requiring drilled pier foundations,Shaft3D will help you complete your projects in minutes. With its Windows-based, easy-to-learn graphical interface and its ability to provide a complete solution covering various types of analyses, Shaft3D will help you increase your productivity significantly.

Main Features

International Design Codes

Supports many concrete design codes to help complete your global projects

User Defined Parameters

Provides many design options such as shaft boundary conditions, choice of safety factors in end bearing, skin friction and pullout, selection of axial capacity methods and many others to help meet various types of project specifications

Graphical Input of Soil Profile

Allows input of unlimited number of soil layers, each with many unique set of soil properties graphically allowing you to visualize your soil profile

Soil Property Values

Provides a range of values of soil properties such as cohesion, angle of internal friction with selection of the soil type allowing you to complete a preliminary design without detailed soil report

Load Cases and Combinations

Generates commonly used load cases and combinations for shaft design saving you significant design time

Multiple Analyses

Completes axial capacity analysis, lateral analysis and concrete design in one integrated environment, saving you the cost of learning multiple software solutions

Axial Capacity Methods

Allows selection from various axial capacity methods enabling you to meet your company or client project requirements

Lateral Analysis

Completes lateral analysis using finite element analysis displaying critical information such as deflections, shears, bending moments along the length of the shaft allowing you to experiment various “what-if” scenarios

Concrete Design

Completes concrete capacity design for axial loads and biaxial bending providing you with a complete geotechnical and structural solution

Rebar Layouts

Provides multiple rebar layouts with customization options

Material Quantities

Generates material quantities so that you can provide accurate cost estimates to your customers every time at every phase of the project

Detailed Design Sketches

Generates a detailed design sketch with plan, elevation and section allowing you to summarize the completed design effectively

Multiple Reporting Options

Generates different kinds of customizable reports to use them for your internal or client needs