Altair SimSolid

Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations.


SimSolid is the game-changing simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts. It eliminates geometry preparation and meshing: the two most time-consuming, expertise-extensive and error-prone tasks performed in a conventional structural simulation.

SimSolid’s unique technology eliminates geometry simplification and meshing: the two most time-consuming, expertise extensive and error-prone tasks done in traditional structural analysis.

SimSolid is fast, having solution times measured in seconds to minutes, typically, on a standard PC, enabling comparison between multiple design scenarios quickly and accurately.

Key Features:

Available Solutions

Linear statics, modal, thermal, coupled thermal-stress, material nonlinear, geometric nonlinear, transient dynamics (time, frequency and random response).

Supported Connections

Bonded and sliding bolts, virtual connectors, welds (spot, laser, and fillet), rivets.

Boundary Conditions

Immovable, sliding, force, pressure, gravity, thermal, inertia, inertia relief, hydrostatic, bearing, hinge and remote loads.

CAD Connectivity

Reads all common CAD file formats including: CATIA, NX, PTC/Creo, Inventor, Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS, Onshape, JT, STEP, VDA, Parasolid, ACIS, PLMXML, CGR, STL

Result Types

Contour plots with displacements, stress & strains, deformed shape animation, Max/min labels, point probes, XY plots, reaction/contact forces, bolt/nut forces, spot weld forces, frequencies and mode shapes, modal participation factors, safety factors.

Additional Capabilities

Rigid parts, bolt/nut tightening, modal participation factors.


Analysis Solutions

The following simulation types are supported: linear statics, modal, nonlinear statics (material & geometrical), thermal, coupled thermal-stress, linear dynamics (time, frequency and random response).

Supported Connections and Boundary Conditions

  • Assembly Connections: Smart auto connections, bonded, sliding, separating with friction, bolted, spot & laser welds, fillet/seam welds, virtual connectors
  • Loads & BC’s: Immovable constraint, sliding constraint, hinge constraint, enforced displacement, force, pressure, gravity, thermal, inertia relief, bolt/nut preload, dynamic loads, hydrostatic loads, bearing loads, and remote loads.

Material Properties

  • Isotropic
  • Incompressible
  • Elastoplastic with NL stress vs strain curves
  • Rigid
  • User extensible

CAD Connectivity

  • Direct data integration to Cloud-based CAD systems
  • Standard STL output from any CAD system
  • Direct file support for mainstream CAD systems: CATIA, NX, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and SolidEdge

Direct file support for common neutral formats: STEP, ACIS and Parasolid, etc.

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