Intergraph Smart® Weld Quality Management System (WQMS)

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Intergraph Smart® Weld Quality Management System (WQMS) is a comprehensive application that integrates with engineering, fabrication and construction processes for welding quality control and material traceability. It Includes quality monitoring of welds and non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections for both piping and structural fabrication activities, including standard reporting capabilities, documentation and automated handover (final documentation) through the inherent EDMS features.

Increase ROI

Smart WQMS makes it possible to accelerate the execution of EPC projects at lower cost without compromising quality or accuracy.

Improve Visibility

Smart WQMS enables full traceability from design to acceptance, helping the fabricator to monitor, measure and control critical processes.

Improve Efficiency

The user-friendly interface with dashboard-based icons and a spreadsheet look and feel is easy to use. You have the option of editing tables directly or loading data from an external source.

Industry Requirements

All required QC-related items are addressed, including welds, repairs and re-weld details, as well as fit-up, visual, NDT and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) records.

Integrated Quality Control & Tracking

This single common platform enables you to streamline fabrication workflows, eliminate manual entry and perform change management more efficiently.

Welder Database Management

Smart WQMS includes welder maintenance records to keep qualifications up-to-date and maintain full welder histories.