Intergraph Spoolgen® is a proven, industrial-strength application that enables the creation of piping isometric drawings for fabrication and erection from the design created during the detail engineering phase of projects. The technology is based on Isogen®, the industry-standard software for automated piping isometric generation and has been deployed successfully on all sizes of plant engineering projects in every region of the world.

Increased Productivity

A set of spool drawings from a single design isometric can be created in 15 minutes or less. All the user needs to do is “markup” the locations of field welds. No drafting is required.

Improved Efficiency

Spoolgen enables you to employ relatively unskilled or junior engineering resources and yet still create high-quality drawings and reports. Users do not need a detailed knowledge of CAD to use Spoolgen.

Consistency of Output

When manual or CAD-based drafting is used, the individual style of the draftsman can vary considerably. Spoolgen is completely automated – all drawings can be configured so that they have a consistent presentation.

Support for Data Centric Workflows

Spoolgen collects data as you work, storing all versions as your design changes. It comes ready to integrate with Microsoft Power BI. The Spoolgen data store and API is “cloud ready” – digitally transforming your workflows.

Workflow Management Systems

Multiple users can access the files within a project in the document store. Simple check out/check in functions prevent two users from working on the same file.


Commands enable the addition of new information to the existing design. The user is not able to delete components in the pipeline or change dimensions of pipe.


Spoolgen offers a powerful automation function that enables data from external sources to be added to the pipeline. This means that tables of data can be held in external data sources and automatically associated with welds.

Fabrication-friendly Isometrics

Spoolgen allows material to be moved between drawing sheets or for multiple pipelines to be merged together. This enables optimal work breakdown.


Spoolgen is integrated with SmartPlant Foundation. Spoolgen data can be published for retrieval by Intergraph Smart® Materials and Smart Construction.

Support for “Hard Copy” Projects

Spoolgen includes a seat of Smart Isometrics, which can be used to quickly re-draw the hard copy isometric as a smart document for use in standard workflows.