ImageGrafix Software FZCO - Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a scalable and secure public cloud service that provides a full set of capabilities to explore and perform collaborative analytics for you, your workgroup, and your enterprise.

With Oracle Analytics Cloud you also get flexible service management capabilities, including fast setup, easy scaling and patching, and automated lifecycle management.

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can take data from any source, and explore and collaborate with real-time data

Features Overview

  • Quick to start, easy to use, agile, and intuitive at every level of experience and skill
  • Adapting dynamically to your needs, assisting you at every turn
  • Easily connecting you and your colleagues, driving opportunities for innovation
  • Power Deeper Insights
  • Accelerate Time to Action-Oracle Analytics Cloud helps you easily analyze data of any type, in any environment, speeding your time to value.