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Oracle Autonomous Database combines the flexibility of cloud with the power of machine learning to deliver data management as a service. It’s built upon a foundation of technical innovations that have been developed by Oracle over the course of more than three decades, meeting the needs of thousands of enterprise customers worldwide.

It offers the  self-driving, self-securing, and selfrepairing capabilities that allowing customers to focus energies on developing and delivering solutions that directly add value to their business.

Features Overview

  • Autonomous DB is a new era of cloud database everything is automated.
  • Empowering innovators with new self-service data management tools
  • Optimized for all cloud analytics use-cases
  • Unmatched security in the cloud keeps your data safe
  • Deep, rich SQL analytics – built-in and fully integrated
  • Rapidly get insights from your enterprise application data
  • From data to insights with built-in self-service data tools
  • Build and deploy machine learning models quickly and easily
  • Modern tools to build data-driven apps fast
  • Strong integration with third-party tools and other clouds