Verity Construction Verification Software

New software automatically verifies the accuracy of as-built construction against a design model—company seeking beta program participants

ClearEdge3D announced the release of its newest software, VerityTM, which verifies the accuracy of new construction against a design model, flagging missing or out-of-tolerance elements in the recently completed construction.  The software analyses laser scan point cloud data of the as-built construction and compares it to the design model, identifying variances, missing elements or other potentially costly construction errors.  The company is seeking participants in a free beta program to test the new software in a live project environment.

Poorly constructed and out-of-tolerance work is a massive problem in the commercial construction industry, accounting for up to 5 percent of a project’s cost. Verity can dramatically reduce this financial impact by flagging problems early in the construction process so they can be remediated or eliminated before they impact schedules or future work.

ClearEdge3D Verity Reduces Construction Waste

The software evaluates elements in a design model and matches the actual location, orientation, size and position of the corresponding element in a laser scanned point cloud of the as-built construction. If the constructed element is out-of-tolerance or missing, the user can accept the element as-is or initiate a Request for Information (RFI) or change order to the sub-contractor. Variance results can be viewed in Autodesk Navisworks® or other collaboration/design platforms such as Autodesk Revit®.

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