Dubai, UAE – In a significant move to enhance construction project planning, ImageGrafix Software FZCO proudly announces its strategic partnership with Trimble Tilos, facilitated by the enduring support and collaboration with Future Network Development (FND). As a pivotal part of the Trimble Tilos Reseller Network, ImageGrafix reinforces its dedication to pioneering solutions within various industry sectors.

Trimble Tilos: A Pinnacle in Linear Construction Project Management

Trimble Tilos stands out as a specialized software solution designed for linear construction projects, specifically those involving critical infrastructure such as roads, railways, pipelines, and other linear developments. The software plays a crucial role in project planning, scheduling, and visualizing construction timelines in a graphical format. It is known for its robust scheduling capabilities, seamlessly combining time and distance into a unified graphical view. Widely utilized in projects ranging from highway widening to rail and road works, bridges, dams, tunnels, flood control structures, transmission lines, wind farms, claims analysis and support, to pipelines for liquid and gas, Trimble Tilos offers a comprehensive solution for infrastructure projects of various scales.

Enthusiastic Collaboration

Pandian, Business Head – Digital Engineering & PMIS at ImageGrafix Software FZCO, expressed tremendous enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the transformative capabilities of Trimble Tilos. “We’re thrilled about this new relationship, enabling ImageGrafix Software FZCO to introduce the Trimble Tilos platform to our customers. Trimble Tilos offers unparalleled control over construction projects by merging time and distance into a single graphical view,” said Pandian. He highlighted ImageGrafix eagerness to bring the Trimble Tilos platform to their customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the broader Middle East regions.

A Joint Endeavor Rooted in Excellence and Innovation

Tekin Guvercin, CEO of Future Network Development (FND), extends a heartfelt welcome to ImageGrafix, commending their commitment to customer satisfaction and professional brilliance. “Our collaboration with ImageGrafix is not just a partnership but a continuation of a long-standing relationship built on mutual trust and a shared vision for innovation. FND’s global expertise, combined with ImageGrafix’s regional know-how, promises to bring a new level of proficiency to our clients in KSA, UAE, and beyond,” states Guvercin.

FND, renowned for its international presence and successful distribution of ISETIA, Costos, and Asta Powerproject in India and UAE, recognizes ImageGrafix’s exceptional skills and customer-centric approach. This partnership is poised to expand our network further, leveraging ImageGrafix’s capabilities to support our TILOs customers in KSA and UAE.

ImageGrafix Software FZCO: Synonymous with Excellence

Since 1996, ImageGrafix Software FZCO has been at the forefront of providing top-tier solutions in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Chemical, and Energy industries. Their collaboration with Trimble Tilos exemplifies their commitment to elevating client relationships and delivering cutting-edge solutions.

About Trimble

Trimble, a global leader in varied industries, specializes in hardware and software development, ranging from GNSS receivers to UAVs, laser rangefinders, and more. Their innovative solutions continue to transform sectors such as building, construction, agriculture, geospatial, and transportation.

About Future Network Development (FND)

As a distinguished Partner Network, FND has established robust technology and service partnerships worldwide, creating a network adept at delivering comprehensive business solutions. FND’s success lies in its diverse international team, enduring relationships, multilingual proficiency, strong sales management, and an unwavering focus on client satisfaction.

Strengthening Ties for a Progressive Future

This partnership between FND, ImageGrafix Software FZCO, and Trimble Tilos is a testament to the collaborative spirit and technological foresight of these organizations. Together, they are set to redefine the landscape of construction project planning and execution, ensuring superior client service and innovative solutions.