PV Elite 2017 Service Pack 1 is released…

This is to notify you that PV Elite 2017 SP1 has been posted on Intergraph Smart Support website.

Download the same Service pack from Smart Support (https://smartsupport.intergraph.com//):

Select View Downloads > PV Elite.

Accept the legal notice and select Service Packs and Fixes.

From the PV Elite 2017 section, click to download PV Elite 2017 SP1 (

This zip file contains several application executables, a library (DLL) and the hotfix readme with instructions.

PV Elite 2017 SP1 include all previously-released fixes to this version. To apply, download the attached zip file, unzip, and copy all files to the folders specified in the hotfix installation instructions found in the ReadMe file. For a review of what’s in this pack, see the ReadMe. To make sure the pack was applied, see the HELP menu found on PV Elite main window.

Note– Updates to the PV Elite product consist of Hot Fixes to fix one or more specific problems, or Service Packs which contain a significant number of fixes. These Hot Fixes and/or Service Packs are posted to this web page.

  1. The Hot Fixes served on this page are issued through the PPM Product Center’s “quick fix” process. A quick checkout of the problems addressed has been executed, as well as limited regression testing, but the product has not gone through a full certification pass. Before downloading and installing a Hot Fix, we strongly recommend that you review the list of fixes in the Readme file, and install the Hot Fix only if the fixes will be of benefit to you. The Hot Fixes issued with these releases will be included in the next fully certified product release (Service Pack or Full Version.)
  2. The Hot Fixes and Service Packs served on this page are zipped files, intended to be DOWNLOADED TO YOUR LOCAL SYSTEM ONLY; Please read all instructions, and make sure to use the SAVE TO LOCAL DISK option before clicking on any of the files on this page.
  3. To get the login user name and password for smart support , Please send a login request email  to support@igfzco.com.