In recent years, digital twin applications have played a critical role in improving decision-making, optimizing operational costs, and responding proactively to market changes. However, considering many companies are still either in the early stages of adoption or only starting to embrace the benefits of digital twins, its implementations are being limited to isolated and selective applications. To this end, regardless of where the client is currently in their digital twin implementation journey, ImageGrafix‘s modular services are geared toward adapting to the specific needs of EPCs and Owner Operators.

ImageGrafix is the leading value-added distributor, technical support center, and service provider of engineering software packages and solutions for energy, building infrastructure, and product design manufacturing sectors throughout the Middle East, Egypt, and India. The company works with clients either as an implementation partner or as a consultant in the early stages of identifying the right solution and providing support services.

“ImageGrafix prides itself as a professional team of highly technical consultants who keep customer satisfaction as their prime focus,” says Amir Mohsen Heshmati, President and CEO of ImageGrafix. ImageGrafix uses its extensive industry network and in-depth knowledge to provide tailored solutions and services, from creating a road map to post-implementation support. Its in-house team of seasoned consultants helps clients solve problems in their digitalization roadmap through their technical strength, deep domain knowledge, and close relationship with top technology providers such as Hexagon PPM and Oracle CEGBU. As a partner, system integrator of Hexagon PPM and Oracle CEGBU, the company ensures that engineering information is regularly updated and configured to meet customer requirements using the latest software tools. Unlike other system integrators who only implement solutions, ImageGrafix also assists in data migration, change management, and handholding services by working closely with customers to meet project deadlines and surges in resource requirements during project peak. “Transparent communication at all levels, honest and unbiased solutions to customer problems is the key to our success,” explains S. Venkat, Director – Corporate Strategy.

“ImageGrafix prides itself as a professional team of highly technical consultants who keep customer satisfaction as their prime focus,” says Amir Mohsen Heshmati, President and CEO of ImageGrafix”

To further illustrate the efficacy of ImageGrafix’s services, in one case, a leading offshore service provider in the Middle East had a challenge in converting their client’s legacy CAD models to Hexagon Smart 3D models. With the best conversion tools available in the market only assuring 80 percent data conversion, the service provider’s client requested a fully converted native Smart3D Model, which would enable them to make informed decisions for their engineering operations. ImageGrafix successfully converted the model using its hybrid technologies and extensive experience, saving the customer valuable engineering time and resources.

S. Venkat
Director – Corporate Strategy

Like every other industry, O&G companies are moving toward fully digitalizing their asset life cycle from concept, engineering design, operations, and maintenance, given the COVID-19 pandemic. In many ways, the pandemic illuminated the fragility of legacy systems and brought paradigm shifts in building new operating models that enable value chain agility and fast responsiveness to market fluctuations. Against this backdrop, ImageGrafix has identified service opportunities to deploy emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, machine learning, and cloud, enabling O&G companies to construct digital twins of their assets. Soon, the company plans to expand its offering into the IoT segment to offer a complete integrated solution as a source of competitive advantage and drive additional efficiency gains in all areas of an O&G operation.