Imagegrafix Software FZCO is happy in announce the partnership with SCADA Systems – Elecdes Design Suite software for Instrumentation and Control systems engineering, design, documentation and management.
Our customers have been using CADWorx P&ID and CADWorx Plant Professional, whilst there are clear benefits in the tools that CADWorx Plant Professional and CADWorx P&ID Professional offers to process and piping designers and in its ability for sharing data with other plant design disciplines, the instrumentation and electrical designers and engineers are the ones who are not part of the loop.  However, now we have a solution from the Elecdes Design Suite to integrate with CADWorx Plant Professional and CADWorx P&ID Professional.

Paneldes Raceway

Electrical Raceway Design and Cable Routing Software
Paneldes Raceway is the 3D CAD design module of EDS used for the creation of Plant Raceway models. Paneldes software performs cable routing, cable filling and cable length calculations, as well as interference analysis and materials reporting.

For Construction Engineers with Electro-Mechanical Design Requirements
Paneldes Raceway software is for construction engineers with electro-mechanical design and cable management requirements, such as those designing plant cable raceway, ductbank, cable tray and cable ladder layout, and cable routing.

Instrument Manager

Instrumentation and Loop Diagram Software
A new “data-centric” Instrument design and documentation system. Used for the automated production of instrumentation documents such as, Instrument Data Sheets, Loop Diagrams, Hook up Diagrams, Wiring /Terminal Strip diagrams, Instrument Index report, Bill of materials report, Cables Schedule report, Interconnection reports and many other documents. Live linking with CADWorx P&ID software.

For Instrumentation and Control System Design Engineers
Instrumentation or Control system design engineers. These Engineers will typically be working with PLC or DCS based control systems for continuous processes. The instrumentation, I/O and connectivity for these controls systems requires a significant level of documentation (eg datasheets and loop diagrams), all of which can be efficiently produced with Instrument Manager

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