In this issue (Q1-2014) :

  1. FEATools
  2. ICAS Releases TANK 2014
  3.  GT Strudl
  4. CADWorx E&I 2014 released
  5. ICAS CAU Express – Middle East
  6. Drivers of success
  7. Latest Builds of ICAS Software
  8. Autodesk – Transformation is coming
  9. Autodesk® Inventor® Design Checker – Subscription App
  10. Radan solution for Tube cutting


Intergraph® announces release of FEATools™ finite element analysis tools for enhancing CAESAR II stress analysis projects

HOUSTON, Texas, January 9, 2014 –Intergraph announced today that Paulin Research Group has released FEATools™, a software tool for finite element analysis (FEA) that links with CAESAR II to analyze components outside of code limits and improve analyses of high-cycle service conditions, producing more cost-effective designs that reduce stress on equipment and increase plant and equipment life. FEATools incorporates FEA-generated stress intensification factors (SIFs) and flexibilities for tees and intersections into CAESAR II models, allowing users to design and analyze systems with consistent safety factors to save both time and money. Linked with CAESAR II, FEATools can calculate realistic loading conditions and allowable loads on nozzles and provide a report to address these types of challenges.

In conjunction with this release, Intergraph hosted a webinar series on FEA analysis where participants could submit their CAESAR II models for review by industry experts. In light of the success of the series, Intergraph is inviting users to continue submitting their CAESAR II models for review.

For more information, visit

To submit a model for review, visit

The following enhancements were made to TANK software for this release:

Code Updates and Analysis Changes
Updated the software for API 650, 12th Edition (Errata, July 2013).
Updated the software for API 2000, 6th Edition (November 2009).
Updated the software for API 653, 4th Edition (November 2013).

Revised Supported Cone Roof Data to include a Structural Database input, which is separate from the tank-specified database input.

Revised the software to store the Reload Last File at Startup configuration setting in the registry settings.

Graphics Features
Updated the graphics model to include a new 3D View.

Intergraph acquires GT Strudl

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, part of Hexagon and the world’s leading provider of enterprise engineering software to the process, power and marine industries, has announced the acquisition of GT STRUDL®, a leading computer-aided structural engineering (CAE) software system, from the Georgia Tech Research Corporation of Atlanta, Ga.

GT STRUDL is widely used in a variety of industries such as nuclear power and nuclear defense industries, conventional power generation, general plant structures, offshore structures, marine applications, general civil engineering and infrastructure structures.

CADWorx E&I 2014 released

Intergraph has announced the release of CADWorx Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) 2014 v10.00.00.0000. CADWorx E&I has an integrated instrumentation and electrical environment, saving time and money by improving coordination and reducing implementation costs. It is ideal for any size of project right out of the box!

ICAS CAU Express 2014 – Middle East

 Welcome to CAU Express  2014- Featured CADWorx, CAESAR II and PV Elite!

We are happy to offer our event CAU Express again in Middle East on Monday Apr 28, 2014 in the H Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

CAU Express consists of a series of sessions depth training on CADWorx, CAESAR II and PV Elite, as a learning experience of high power in a single day, not only will leave better informed, but it will help you become a better Plant Designer and Engineer.

Our experts in CADWorx, CAESAR II and PV Elite will help you expand your skills, while you can share your expertise with others and expand your network of contacts. Each session will focus on special interest groups to end with a toast to the end of the day where you can share and do pleasantly collegial relationships.

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for further details.

Drivers of success

CAU2014 Drivers of Success Competition @ HxGN Live
CAU2014 Drivers of Success competition is now open. Don’t miss your chance of participating for a chance to win a trip to CAU2014@HxGN in Las Vegas! If you are an Intergraph CADWorx, CAESAR II, or PV Elite user, submit your success stories by March 31, 2014 for a chance to win. There will be a first-place prize and three runners-up prizes each for: CADWorx, CAESAR II, and PV Elite.

Reasons to participate:

  • Chance to win an all-inclusive trip to CAU2014@HxGN Live
  • CAU2014@HxGN Live June 2-5, 2014 Las Vegas, NV USA
  • Chance to attend world-class training for FREE
  • Feature your company’s and team’s success
  • Be globally      acknowledged for your hard work

Be recognized as an industry thought leader Receive an award and certificate

Autodesk – Transformation is coming

As of February 1st 2015, upgrades from previous releases will only be available on Subscription, our most cost-effective way to access software upgrades. Get current and subscribe now to save even more and appreciate the benefits of our most advanced software with Subscription.

Save up to 30%* on your upgrade when you get current and subscribe before April 25th 2014

Do you have Autodesk software in release 2008? Be sure to act soon, last day to upgrade Autodesk release 2008 is 21st March 2014

For more details and upgrade price proposal please contact Shaju Joseph, [email protected] OR Muthu Lakshmanan, [email protected]

Autodesk® Inventor® Design Checker – Subscription App

The Autodesk® Inventor® Design Checker is a productivity solution used to give the designer insight into the adherence of company or customer standards for the product being designed. Live Checking gives instant feedback to the user, as well as ensure a high level of quality for the entire design process.

Users can use pre-defined checks, or define custom checks with iLogic scripts to perform design checking. Executing the on-demand checking will update the design checker results, or enabling the live-checking will enable users to get the real-time feedback from the design checker during design process. The Design Checker Results Tree Browser allows users to interactively edit the objects with failed checks, and a Design Checker Results Report can show all the passed and failed check results, and allow users to export the report to excel, word or pdf, or print the report.

Radan solution for Tube cutting

Radan’s Radtube is an industry leading laser CAD/CAM system for rotary and multi axis cutting machines. Radtube was developed specifically for the tube cutting and manipulation industry. The intuitive programming system allows tubes or sections to be parametrically defined from a library of standard shapes into which cutting apertures and profiles can be defined.

Radtube features

  • Multi-axis laser technology for tubular components
  • Extensive range of CAD interfaces
  • Built-in library of standard tubes
  • Tube nesting
  • Comprehensive machine and postprocessor database

Latest Builds of ICAS Software:

 Product Version Build Number Build Date
 CADWorx 2014



Jul 23, 2013

 CADWorx 2014 SP1



Nov 30, 2013

 CADWorx fieldPipe



Feb 07, 2013

 PV Fabricator



Jan 07, 2013


R1 SP2 (6.10.02)


Oct 24, 2013

 CAESAR II Nuclear

R1 SP1 (6.10.01)


Sept 30, 2013

 PV Elite (incl. CodeCalc)



Dec 15, 2013




Dec 31, 2013