Dear Customer / Prospect,

This webinar will discuss the new features and enhancements of PV Elite 2014. Attend this webinar and learn about the new and improved features and codes added to PV Elite 2014. Kindly click on the below link to register and download the record webinar for the same.

PV Elite 2014 – New Features List:

Code Updates and Analysis Changes

The following new code updates were implemented in this version.

  • ASME 2013 VIII-1 Edition updates incorporated
  • ASME 2013 VIII-2 Edition updates incorporated
  • ASME 2013 Section II Part D Edition updates added (hundreds of changes and additions)
  • PD 5500 2013 Addenda changes added
  • BS EN 13445-3:2009+A1:2012 updates incorporated

Internationalization Updates

The following updates were made for internationalization purposes.

  • EN 1092 Flange Pressure Temperature Ratings updated (including PN 2.5 series)
  • EN 1092 Flange Dimensional Data updated
  • South African Wind Code added
  • South African Seismic Code added
  • User customizable G-loading option added

Productivity Enhancements 

The following features were added to improve productivity and usability.

  • Automatic file backups added
  • A new testing program included
  • Smart selection capability for ANSI/EN-1092 Flange Class/Grade Groups
  • Help documentation updated

Analysis Features 

The following analysis enhancements were added to this release.

  • TEMA Exchanger analysis added back into CodeCalc software
  • ASME Appendix 9 Type 2 Jackets added
  • PD 5500 Type 2 Jackets added
  • Nozzle FEA via Nozzle/PRO added back into CodeCalc software
  • Direct UI support added for EN-13445 Cold Spun Heads

QA Validation and Verification Additions

The PV Elite development team continues to add new QA sample benchmark problems to the benchmark solution set.

  • QA Test now includes many new EN nozzle tests.
  • PV Elite 2014 was benchmarked against ASME PTB-4 (ASME Section VIII-Division 1 Example Problem Manual).
  • The Verification and Quality Assurance Manual was updated to include tables of comparison for various sample problems.