Mahler AGS, a global leader in designing and manufacturing hydrogen generation plants, built a new hydrogen generation plant in record time with CADWorx Plant Professional.

The EPC was asked to design and manufacture a modular hydrogen plant for a leading global company in the palm oil business. As part of the modular design principle, Mahler pre-assembled and delivered the plant as prefabricated units.

Mahler AGS was looking to replace its existing design software (X-Plant) that also included a modern 3D planning solution. The new system needed to be compatible with the previous AutoCAD-based software, was easy-to-use, and was fast to implement so it could minimize project downtime and delay. CADWorx Plant Professional was chosen due to its AutoCAD-based structure, scalability, and suitability for the project scope.

Ultimately, by choosing CADWorx Plant Professional, Mahler AGS reduced project man-hours by 10 to 15 percent.