CAESAR II 2013 R1 (6.10) delivers a number of significant new and extended capabilities to increase productivity, supply the latest piping codes, and improve user experience.

Technical Updates

Updated piping code information for ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.8, B31.9, and Z662 codes. The ASME B31.3 2010 Edition includes many significant changes, such as the new equation for sustained case evaluation and new stress indexes (It/Ia).

Interface Enhancements

  • Import piping models from Smart 3D to the Piping Input module, using the new APCF interface. This interface saves you data entry time while reducing errors.
  • Incorporate the design context of the plant within CAESAR II to make more intelligent re-routing and support location decisions and potentially reduce design-analysis iterations. The ability to import Smart Plant 3D (S3D)/Smart Plant Review (SPR) graphic environment (VUE file) complements the existing capability to import CADWorx (*.dwg) plant models.
  • Export to Microsoft Access format. Using this format, selected CAESAR II results are available in Smart Plant 3D (S3D)/Smart Plant Review (SPR) for easier identification of changes made by the engineer.

Productivity and Usability Enhancements

  • Reorganize a model using two new block commands (Invert and Change Sequence).
  • Use line number classifications to make quick edits when performing all block operation selections (such as duplicate, delete, and renumber). This feature is in addition to the already available Graphical and List Select functions.
  • Experience the improved Renumber and Annotation functions.

Performance and Functionality Improvements

  • Increased stability by updating the Isogen module to Personal Isogen Version 8.1.
  • Increased performance by updating the graphics engine.

Internationalization Updates

  • Key portions of user interface (such as Static Analysis) are now available in Japanese. Upcoming planned translations for Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese.
  • Documentation and help available in English and Japanese languages.
  • Updates to support Japanese seismic code, KHK Level 1.
  • Additions to support spring hanger databases for Mitsubishi, Yamashita, Sanwa Tekki, and Techno.

Additional Improvements to Product Quality

  • Continued process improvements to standardize development and testing to meet ASME NQA-1 requirements.
  • Enhanced user documentation to include task-oriented procedures.
  • Updated the CAESAR II main menu to use the ribbon interface.