The following enhancements were made to TANK software for this release:

Code Updates and Analysis Changes

  • Updated the software for API 650, 12th Edition (Errata, July 2013).
  • Updated the software for API 2000, 6th Edition (November 2009).
  • Updated the software for API 653, 4th Edition (November 2013).
  • Revised Supported Cone Roof Data to include a Structural Database input, which is separate from the tank-specified database input.
  • Revised the software to store the Reload Last File at Startup configuration setting in the registry settings.

Graphics Features

  • Updated the graphics model to include a new 3D View.

ImageGrafix Software FZCO - What’s New in TANK 2014 Software

Productivity Enhancements

  • Added a new Check for Update option for software updates.
  • Completed various UI updates to improve usability.
  • Updated the Help with information for all enhancements and previous software revisions.